Friday, 28 December 2012

Why You Hate Runescape So Much?

It is said the Runescape had owned more than 200 million users since 2001. Despite the success, many players said they were get bored of it and didn’t want to join it any more. How? Why so many players hate Runescape? I viewed some posts on the Internet and there are several reasons. These reasons can be listed as follows

I don’t like Runescape, just because the graphics are terrible, I would much rather be playing Silk Road.” In terms of general MMORPG Runescape’s graphics are on the lower end of the stick. Nowadays, many games take the 3D animation program and the Jagex studio also makes efforts on this aspect. Now the graphics is much better than before.

I honestly have neutral feelings for what Jagex has been doing. They are a business, and the point of a business is to make money. They are also a community, and the point of a community is to have a strong sense of bonding and work together. Sometimes these two clash, and unfortunately it is currently clashing with Jagex. They have, however, been doing better the past few months with engaging the community with the Live Stream and all the video's they have been posting on YouTube. The Fansite support has also been getting better, which is a plus for us.”

Two (fairly) recent changes have, IMO, completely nuked the game.
1. The removal of PvP combat in the Wilderness area.
2. The Grand Exchange (and the associated monetary limits on external trading)
The first completely changed the dynamics of the game at higher levels, and the second completely gutted the economy system.
I’ll elaborate if someone wants me to, but it does seem fairly self-evident that these have had massive impacts on the game.”

I'm a player from 06 and I have to say that with every major update it's all based on one thing - Most players can't seem to handle change. They hated the Grand Exchange (most still complain about it), the consitution update (some can't seem to stand big numbers), and the EoC. I see why none of these updates listed would change someones view about the game as a whole as they affect so little.. yet so much, but at the same time, they always benefit us. The Grand Exchange means less bank standing and typing so faster selling. Constitution update really didn't change much except for numbers really. EoC ragers rage about the "old combat system" which, according to the greater part of the player base still playing (including me), it's still there. You can still be lazy if you want. So, in short, most players seem to hate change.”

While still a lot of players like runescpae, let’s have a look what they say.

I cannot help but wonder whether these people are credible when they say Runescape’s graphics suck.
It is true that in terms of general MMORPGs Runescape’s graphics are on the lower end of the stick. However, I believe people miss the fact that Runescape is also a browser-based game; I have yet to see a browser-based game that can effectively surpass Runescape HD’s level of 3D graphics in beauty and detail. Runescape HD’s graphics rivals (and surpasses) that of the PSX console which is quite an achievement.
Repetition is a staple of MMORPGs. Give me one MMORPG where the underlying gameplay theory wasn’t a set of repeated actions over a long time span. “Boring” also does not fit the bill as a viable argument as what is boring to one person may be enjoyable to another.
Sound arguments against Runescape might be complaints about the underlying gameplay mechanics, the community (which still doesn’t directly target the game, mind you, just the players), the policies and habits of Jagex, and other such articles. However, I’ve yet to see such arguments put to light.”

Removal of PvP was indeed hugely detrimental to RS’s gameplay. Not all of it was removed though, such as Bounty Hunter, Fist of Guthix, and Duel Arena. Also from what I heard, servers dedicated to world-wide PvP are also being implemented soon; so it’s something to look forward to for another change, potentially and hopefully positive.
I heartily agree about the monetary limits thereof, though much of the blame lies on the RWTers than Jagex, limits on trade severely hamper some forms of trade a player would like to do. I personally think the Grand Exchange was a positive move though. It brought item values to their actual street prices and the economy is much easier to look at on a global scale than before. I feel it brought more control of the economy to the average player than before, where all trades were done in the streets.”

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