Friday, 28 December 2012

Buy Runescape Accounts Online

Will you buy runescape accounts on Internet? If you answer is yes, will you choose the person to buy or will you choose a virtual goods website to buy? Many people say the Runescape is going to die, but I don’t think so. From the RS official website, you can see there are around 80 thousand active users at anytime of a day. Besides, the Jagex is making efforts to attract more players. Thus, I have optimistic on it. Many players are afraid to get their Runescape accounts banned if they buy a rs account on the website. What’s worse, you might lose all the other Runescape accounts that you have. With the JGA protection, the Jagex may log your IP and ban any account that is originating from that particular IP address.

So the best way to avoid those problems is to select a reliable virtual goods seller company to purchase an awesome runescape account.

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