Thursday, 27 December 2012

Making Runescape Money with Woodcutting

Many Runescape players are wondering how to make runescape money in Runescape. Of course, there are many ways to reach that. Today I’d like to talk about using woodcutting skills to make RS gold.

Woodcutting is a clear money making skills as it is rewarding and can take time. Logs are always in need, for cooking, firemaking and fletching. It is similar to fishing as a money-making skill in several ways and it is a very popular way to make money but also requires a bit of patience to fill an entire inventory.

In order to use woodcutting to make money, you must have a certain woodcutting level. So, you need to train your woodcutting and attack skills at first. If you have members, you can cut magic logs and sell them for runescape money. While, if your woodcutting level is low, you can try to do the yew logs. As the rs players know, the higher level the log is, the more you will make. Then, keep cutting oaks and stay with the balance of depositing your inventory and cutting logs. Once your get enough logs, you can go to Grand Exchange to get some rs gold.

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