Friday, 28 December 2012

How to Recover Runescape Accounts?---Runescape Accounts for sale

Have you ever forgotten your runescape password or email? Will you recover it or get rid of it? In this article, I will tell you some ways to recover your runescape accounts?

The fastest and easiest way to recover your runescape account is through the email recovery process. You can use this feature if you have a validated email registered to your account. There are 3 simple steps:

First, click on login at the runescape official website, then click the forgotten password and enter your login details.

Second, enter the registered email address and you will be sent an email with further instructions to recover your account.

Third, sign in your registered email. Click the link in the email the Runescape have sent you and then follow the instructions to set your new password.

Now, you can use your new password to login the game. Very simple, right?

While, if there is not an email registered to your account you will need to do a Manual account Recovery Request. This is not ideal as it can be time consuming which is why the Runescape provide you with the quick and easy email recovery option. Go on, add an email address, why walk when you can sprint!

Click on login at the top right hand side of the homepage, then forgotten password and enter your login details. Remember to use your login name, not your display name if you have set a different one!

Please try and provide the earliest information possible so Runescape can quickly help return your account to you.

This method will only occur if you don’t have a registered email.

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