Friday, 28 December 2012

My Runescape Story---Runescape Accounts for Sale

When the Runescape first came into my life, I was in my 8th grade. It was my classmate who introduced me to this insanely fun and wonderful game called Runescape. After I registered an account on the Runescape official website, I was deeply attracted by this interesting game. I still remembered the time I sneaked into the library at school and playing it. I have played on 5 accounts before finally choosing the best as my main. Since then I've had 4 other member accounts. Needless to say, over the years I have paid a lot of money on this game.

As we all know, there are many skills and quests in this game. Along the way I've trained my skills. I always trained my skills in the right way rather than in much of a hurry because I didn't want my Runescape experience to end. I've gained some of the greatest friends a guy could have, and earned the trust of my clanmates in not only one, but two great clans. I've fought in the old wilderness, seen a time when you actually merched single items and there was no grand exchange. I've seen the wildy ditch form, the wall spring up, and the revenants take over. I witnessed free trade be abolished, only to see it return.

This game has kept my attention for years, mostly due to the fact unlike many other RPGs you couldn't buy your levels and the money you made "irl" didn't shape your ability in the game whatsoever. I've complained over updates, but stuck with the game through it all. Today however, Jagex decided to go against the very thing they stood for. Today they introduced microtransactions into the game. Real-world trading became legal on the game, as long as you were paying Jagex to do it.

When the SoF was introduced, people thought it wouldn't last. Then we realized that you could only do it twice a day, and even though it was slowly affecting the game it wasn't a huge upset. However, now you can get more and more spins by paying cash. Not runescape coins, real CASH. I've seen people getting 100k exp/hour in runecrafting without ever touching essence. That's more experience than you could ever attain by training the skill legitimately. Wasn't this why effigies were nerfed?

Now I work for a company which sells virtual goods on the internet. You can get runescape accounts for sale and runescape money on this website. I haven't seen this much backlash on an update since you removed the wilderness/free trade, and you brought it back Jagex. Congratulations on not only turning your back on your veterans, but on turning your back on your own word. What's next? You start selling gold/armor/exp packs? Don't say it's insane to think that, you said it was insane that we thought you'd bring in microtransactions and look where we are. Now on top of this you've changed your terms of service to say that we're responsible for any fees charged to our account by third parties. This means if we're hacked we could end up paying large sums of money, or you could even charge us and claim we were hacked. I can't say that I'm quitting. I'm giving you a month to change what you've done. I can't say that I'll even quit after the month is up, I have a loyalty to my friends and clan mates that goes beyond the "loyalty" you had for your players Jagex. Though that's something you probably don't understand, loyalty and honesty.-Motley

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