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Runescape’s New Year Eve

Today is the last day of 2012 and the New Year’s Eve is coming now. Who will you to celebrate this good time with? Family? Friends? Girlfriends or game friends? Well, on this eve, I’m going to spend the time with the players of Runescape. This New Year’s Eve the Jagex will be hosting a whole bunch of JMod parties in Gielinor!

The Jagex will be jumping in game to celebrate the coming of the new years with players in time zones across the world throughout the day and the night. The Jagex plan to take a few screenshots of the madness at each event, and will be posting them in the time slot posts! You can visit the Runescape official website to get more information. All parties will be located at the falador party room, so check out the Schedule to see when you can expect to see catch JMods celebrating the new years with a bang!

If you like Runescape, don’t miss this good time.

The Runescape Gold You Are Following

Which Runecape gold do you follow?

So the first question: what is the god in runescape? Gods in RuneScape are a group of deities who play a role within the game at this time, the only true immortals featured in the game. Each god has his or her own unique beliefs, character, history, followers, and domain. There are or have been at least twenty gods in Gielinor in one time or another, although many of them are unknown. The gods of Gielinor are most notable for their participation in the God Wars of the Third Age, a major conflict that nearly destroyed the entire world, and their daily role in the Prayer skill, which enables them to transfer small portions of their power temporarily to their worshippers for a variety of potent effects. Ages past, during and prior to the time of the Third Age, the RuneScape deities were capable of interacting freely upon Gielinor, which caused such unimaginable chaos that Guthix set his Edicts to prevent the Gielinor gods from ever directly interfering in the world again, influencing events only through their remaining followers. The gods are incredibly powerful beings in the RuneScape game, the oldest and most potent among them far exceeding that of any other known class or race of beings, despite each one, even Guthix himself, having limits to their own power. It is believed that the Stone of Jas combined with the Staff of Armadyl would grant a Mahjarrat sufficient power to become a deity himself.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Which Is the Best Updates in Runescape Of 2012?

The 2012 only has 2 days now, so I think it is time to summary the favorite and hated updates from the year.

My favorite updates of 2012:
1. Player-Owned ports: This update is a high-level members minigame that was released on 11 December 2012, as announced in the December 2012 Behind the Scenes news post. Borrowing elements from the Managing Miscellania minigame, this minigame involves players building their own port in order to manage a fleet of ships, staffed by recruited crew members. These ships explore the Eastern Lands (otherwise known as the "Wushanko Isles" by the port Navigator) on the player's behalf and return with exotic items and supplies that are otherwise unavailable. Players can start by heading to Port Sarim. South-west of the Rusty Anchor pub is a portal that players can use to enter their port.

2. Evolution of Combat: it is a complete rework of RuneScape's combat system, released on 20 November 2012.  Billed as "one of the largest content updates in RuneScape's history", the evolution brings a variety of new content including powerful abilities, dual weapon wielding, new Magic and Ranged equipment, and new Prayers. In addition, the combat triangle has been massively balanced, monsters have new attacks, and the combat level formula has been revised.

The worst updates of 2012
1. Squeal of Fortune: The Squeal of Fortune (also known as the SoF) is a daily activity available to both members and free players, initially introduced on 28 February 2012. Free players get one spin a day while members normally get two spins a day. The Squeal of Fortune resets every midnight UTC. Rewards include armour, weapons, xp lamps, coins, and an assortment of equipment, some as illustrious as Lucky equipment, the untradeable counterparts to powerful existing equipment.

2. Clan Avatars: The Clan Avatar is a members-only customisable reward available for clans. It was first announced in the 2012 August Behind the Scenes. The avatar is made out of elemental forces, providing boosts, buffs and protection to clan mates while summoned.

How to Recover Runescape Accounts?---Runescape Accounts for sale

Have you ever forgotten your runescape password or email? Will you recover it or get rid of it? In this article, I will tell you some ways to recover your runescape accounts?

The fastest and easiest way to recover your runescape account is through the email recovery process. You can use this feature if you have a validated email registered to your account. There are 3 simple steps:

First, click on login at the runescape official website, then click the forgotten password and enter your login details.

Second, enter the registered email address and you will be sent an email with further instructions to recover your account.

Third, sign in your registered email. Click the link in the email the Runescape have sent you and then follow the instructions to set your new password.

Now, you can use your new password to login the game. Very simple, right?

While, if there is not an email registered to your account you will need to do a Manual account Recovery Request. This is not ideal as it can be time consuming which is why the Runescape provide you with the quick and easy email recovery option. Go on, add an email address, why walk when you can sprint!

Click on login at the top right hand side of the homepage, then forgotten password and enter your login details. Remember to use your login name, not your display name if you have set a different one!

Please try and provide the earliest information possible so Runescape can quickly help return your account to you.

This method will only occur if you don’t have a registered email.

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My Runescape Story---Runescape Accounts for Sale

When the Runescape first came into my life, I was in my 8th grade. It was my classmate who introduced me to this insanely fun and wonderful game called Runescape. After I registered an account on the Runescape official website, I was deeply attracted by this interesting game. I still remembered the time I sneaked into the library at school and playing it. I have played on 5 accounts before finally choosing the best as my main. Since then I've had 4 other member accounts. Needless to say, over the years I have paid a lot of money on this game.

As we all know, there are many skills and quests in this game. Along the way I've trained my skills. I always trained my skills in the right way rather than in much of a hurry because I didn't want my Runescape experience to end. I've gained some of the greatest friends a guy could have, and earned the trust of my clanmates in not only one, but two great clans. I've fought in the old wilderness, seen a time when you actually merched single items and there was no grand exchange. I've seen the wildy ditch form, the wall spring up, and the revenants take over. I witnessed free trade be abolished, only to see it return.

This game has kept my attention for years, mostly due to the fact unlike many other RPGs you couldn't buy your levels and the money you made "irl" didn't shape your ability in the game whatsoever. I've complained over updates, but stuck with the game through it all. Today however, Jagex decided to go against the very thing they stood for. Today they introduced microtransactions into the game. Real-world trading became legal on the game, as long as you were paying Jagex to do it.

When the SoF was introduced, people thought it wouldn't last. Then we realized that you could only do it twice a day, and even though it was slowly affecting the game it wasn't a huge upset. However, now you can get more and more spins by paying cash. Not runescape coins, real CASH. I've seen people getting 100k exp/hour in runecrafting without ever touching essence. That's more experience than you could ever attain by training the skill legitimately. Wasn't this why effigies were nerfed?

Now I work for a company which sells virtual goods on the internet. You can get runescape accounts for sale and runescape money on this website. I haven't seen this much backlash on an update since you removed the wilderness/free trade, and you brought it back Jagex. Congratulations on not only turning your back on your veterans, but on turning your back on your own word. What's next? You start selling gold/armor/exp packs? Don't say it's insane to think that, you said it was insane that we thought you'd bring in microtransactions and look where we are. Now on top of this you've changed your terms of service to say that we're responsible for any fees charged to our account by third parties. This means if we're hacked we could end up paying large sums of money, or you could even charge us and claim we were hacked. I can't say that I'm quitting. I'm giving you a month to change what you've done. I can't say that I'll even quit after the month is up, I have a loyalty to my friends and clan mates that goes beyond the "loyalty" you had for your players Jagex. Though that's something you probably don't understand, loyalty and honesty.-Motley

Why You Hate Runescape So Much?

It is said the Runescape had owned more than 200 million users since 2001. Despite the success, many players said they were get bored of it and didn’t want to join it any more. How? Why so many players hate Runescape? I viewed some posts on the Internet and there are several reasons. These reasons can be listed as follows

I don’t like Runescape, just because the graphics are terrible, I would much rather be playing Silk Road.” In terms of general MMORPG Runescape’s graphics are on the lower end of the stick. Nowadays, many games take the 3D animation program and the Jagex studio also makes efforts on this aspect. Now the graphics is much better than before.

I honestly have neutral feelings for what Jagex has been doing. They are a business, and the point of a business is to make money. They are also a community, and the point of a community is to have a strong sense of bonding and work together. Sometimes these two clash, and unfortunately it is currently clashing with Jagex. They have, however, been doing better the past few months with engaging the community with the Live Stream and all the video's they have been posting on YouTube. The Fansite support has also been getting better, which is a plus for us.”

Two (fairly) recent changes have, IMO, completely nuked the game.
1. The removal of PvP combat in the Wilderness area.
2. The Grand Exchange (and the associated monetary limits on external trading)
The first completely changed the dynamics of the game at higher levels, and the second completely gutted the economy system.
I’ll elaborate if someone wants me to, but it does seem fairly self-evident that these have had massive impacts on the game.”

I'm a player from 06 and I have to say that with every major update it's all based on one thing - Most players can't seem to handle change. They hated the Grand Exchange (most still complain about it), the consitution update (some can't seem to stand big numbers), and the EoC. I see why none of these updates listed would change someones view about the game as a whole as they affect so little.. yet so much, but at the same time, they always benefit us. The Grand Exchange means less bank standing and typing so faster selling. Constitution update really didn't change much except for numbers really. EoC ragers rage about the "old combat system" which, according to the greater part of the player base still playing (including me), it's still there. You can still be lazy if you want. So, in short, most players seem to hate change.”

While still a lot of players like runescpae, let’s have a look what they say.

I cannot help but wonder whether these people are credible when they say Runescape’s graphics suck.
It is true that in terms of general MMORPGs Runescape’s graphics are on the lower end of the stick. However, I believe people miss the fact that Runescape is also a browser-based game; I have yet to see a browser-based game that can effectively surpass Runescape HD’s level of 3D graphics in beauty and detail. Runescape HD’s graphics rivals (and surpasses) that of the PSX console which is quite an achievement.
Repetition is a staple of MMORPGs. Give me one MMORPG where the underlying gameplay theory wasn’t a set of repeated actions over a long time span. “Boring” also does not fit the bill as a viable argument as what is boring to one person may be enjoyable to another.
Sound arguments against Runescape might be complaints about the underlying gameplay mechanics, the community (which still doesn’t directly target the game, mind you, just the players), the policies and habits of Jagex, and other such articles. However, I’ve yet to see such arguments put to light.”

Removal of PvP was indeed hugely detrimental to RS’s gameplay. Not all of it was removed though, such as Bounty Hunter, Fist of Guthix, and Duel Arena. Also from what I heard, servers dedicated to world-wide PvP are also being implemented soon; so it’s something to look forward to for another change, potentially and hopefully positive.
I heartily agree about the monetary limits thereof, though much of the blame lies on the RWTers than Jagex, limits on trade severely hamper some forms of trade a player would like to do. I personally think the Grand Exchange was a positive move though. It brought item values to their actual street prices and the economy is much easier to look at on a global scale than before. I feel it brought more control of the economy to the average player than before, where all trades were done in the streets.”

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Snowman Raids | Runescape for Sale

Hi, every Runescape player, the weekend is coming. This weekend is the last one in 2012 and the 2013 is coming. So take the advantages to enjoy yourself. As the Jagex reported, every Saturday and Sunday in December has been a winter weekend for members. If you are one of the members you can own themed bonus! Good luck for you!

This weekend comes to the snowman raids. An army of snowmen will muscle in on prominent locations across Runescape’s members’ world and it’s up to you to take them down! You will find the snowman raids in the following places: Faldor, Varrock, Lumbridge, Ardougne, Gamelot and Gnome Stronghold. From Saturday 29th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 30th December 23:59 GMT, the snowman will be raiding every hour. So you can to find the snowman raids during the time.

I’m a long term player, having owned membership for almost 8 years. Jagex did a good job for runescape. In this wonderful game, I have met many wonderful people along the way who gave me many game guides and tips. During these years, Jagex have made a lot of updates, some of them were good and some were bad. Runescape has always been base on reward through effort applied. You can get reward by working hard to develop your characters. I still have an optimistic attitude toward it.

Well, the 2012 is coming, and the Runescape 3 will come. Looking forward to it. If you want to get a high rs account, you can visit the website which can provide runescapeaccounts for sale. You can also see the Runescape pictures page about this blog to view some wonderful rs accounts. Have a good day, everyone!

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Will you buy runescape accounts on Internet? If you answer is yes, will you choose the person to buy or will you choose a virtual goods website to buy? Many people say the Runescape is going to die, but I don’t think so. From the RS official website, you can see there are around 80 thousand active users at anytime of a day. Besides, the Jagex is making efforts to attract more players. Thus, I have optimistic on it. Many players are afraid to get their Runescape accounts banned if they buy a rs account on the website. What’s worse, you might lose all the other Runescape accounts that you have. With the JGA protection, the Jagex may log your IP and ban any account that is originating from that particular IP address.

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Making Runescape Money with Woodcutting

Many Runescape players are wondering how to make runescape money in Runescape. Of course, there are many ways to reach that. Today I’d like to talk about using woodcutting skills to make RS gold.

Woodcutting is a clear money making skills as it is rewarding and can take time. Logs are always in need, for cooking, firemaking and fletching. It is similar to fishing as a money-making skill in several ways and it is a very popular way to make money but also requires a bit of patience to fill an entire inventory.

In order to use woodcutting to make money, you must have a certain woodcutting level. So, you need to train your woodcutting and attack skills at first. If you have members, you can cut magic logs and sell them for runescape money. While, if your woodcutting level is low, you can try to do the yew logs. As the rs players know, the higher level the log is, the more you will make. Then, keep cutting oaks and stay with the balance of depositing your inventory and cutting logs. Once your get enough logs, you can go to Grand Exchange to get some rs gold.

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Recruit a Friend to Runescape

Buy an awesome runescape account and to recruit a friend in this game. In the winter of 2012, the Jagex have relaunched the Recruit a Friend programme for the general game players. No matter you are a free player or having membership, you can take part in it. If you can recruit a friend, the Jagex will give you a month of membership. It is really a big amazing bonus.

Today, I looked some posts on the forum. Those posts were about the ages of Runescape players. So, if you are a fan of RS, how old are you? I’m also very interested in this question. The posts referred that most of the RS players were between 13 years old and 20 years old. Personally speaking, I started to play the game when I was 16 years old. Now, 6 years passed by and I’m working for a company which can provide the cheapest and safest runescape account. In 2012, the Runescape has made more than 30 updates, such as Player-Owned Ports, the Brink of Extinction-Grandmaster Quest, the Evolution of Combat: Now Live and so on. The Jagex has made a survey about these updates on its official website. If you want to know more detail information about that, you can visit the official website.

As the approaching of Christmas, many virtual goods websites are reducing the price and you can get some perfect goods with low price. My company, farmer100, cuts nearly 50% of the total price of Runescape accounts and there are a lot of accounts in stock. Want to get a good account to recruit a friend and then get the free membership? Come to farmer100 to buy one or bid one. After you get the good account, you just need to log in your rs, fill in the form and your friends will receive an email with details on how to be recruited by you.
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Another good news is that the Jagex had bring tow new pets in RS this week. One of them is a dog and the other is a cat. Join in the game and choose one that is met desire. On farmer100 website, there are runescape accounts for sale and you can get cheap runescape accounts to have a wonderful winter and Christmas in 2012. This December has 5 weekends and the Jagex released the winter weekend for you. Each weekend you will get surprise and you will not feel lonely because so many players are around you.

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Runescape Accounts for Sale (1)

Merry Christmas Gift! Awesome account! 192 combat! 1956 total lvl! 217 quest points! 11M cash in the bank! five month membership left! 2' 99 skills! No one can hack this runescape account if you set new recoveries. Account username and password and other details can be delivered by auto email system within 10 mins after payment!

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Runescape Accounts for Sale

Runescape accountsfor sale! If you want to buy a runescape account, you can come to this blog to know more information. Runesape accounts and runescape gold business are booming with the development of the game. Some players may afraid their accounts may get banned by the Jagex if they buy a rs account form the Internet. However, if you choose a reliable company, you don’t need to worry that problem
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How to Get Free Runescape Money

Do you still play runescape? It is said the Runescape 3 is coming. If you don’t want to miss it, try to train an awesome runescape account and take part in the new updates. Are you trying to fine out the best ways to win free runescape gold that a lot of Runescape millionaires will not tell you?  Are you interested in how to get freerunescape money? This article is for you to catch the secret for making amount of RS money for the game.  As we all kown that getting gold in RuneScape is definitely practically the prerequisite within doing just about any mission or perhaps quest. Besides, as a paying fellow member regarding RuneScape considerably helps in being profitable. Players who would not have admission to the actual members zone are nevertheless in a position to generate gold by skills in the game. From the following contents, you will know how to get free runescape money.

There are some wonderful skills to earn rs money in the game. The first skill I recommend is woodcutting. Woodcutting is a nice choice for you to make free RS gold. Most of participants have a bronze hatchet on the start of game. Usual trees are located throughout the world of RuneScape. Will not bother always keeping this wooden fire wood; alternatively, use up or decline this wooden. Cut pine woods gulf from the urban center Varrock as soon as you attain level 15. Save your wood logs inside your financial institution. Once you arrive at degree 25, offer this oak fire wood on the fantastic trade and purchase your mithril hatchet.

The second good way to get free runescape money is to buy power leveling and level up your game.  Immediately after level 30, journey to the hamlet of Draynor along with structure willow timber in your mithril hatchet. Will not burn or perhaps move the actual fire wood; save your wood logs inside the RS gold bank. Once you arrive at level 41, offer this willow firewood on the awesome swap within Varrock and purchase your rune hatchet. Continue on sawing willow wood logs using a rune hatchet with Draynor commune until finally levels 60. Once you arrive at level 60, journey to the urban center of Edgeville along with structure yew timber in your rune hatchet. Will not move or perhaps burn the actual yew fire wood. Sell your yew wood logs on the GE.
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During this Christmas, you can get free runescape money from more methods, such as buying a runescape account and you will get 5M to 10M free runescape money. Many websites provide this sales promotion activity. So you can take advantages of this festival to get free runescape gold and money. Don’t miss it. Additionally, make RS money according to Pick flax. Look at the bank inside city named Camelot. Clear all your machines and goods towards your current banking account. Walk southern with the financial institution when there is a flax area within the far east area. Opt for the actual flax until ones backpack fills in place, subsequently run to the bank. Existing tariff of flax adjusted August 2010 is usually 129 free RS gold. Advertise your flax in the great transaction, to be found northeast in the city Varrock. Notice: merely RuneScape users will admittance town of Camelot. Anyway, buy cheap gold from us saving both time and money.

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How to Get Free Runescape Gold

Merry Christmas! Today is a big holiday, hope every one can have a good day.

Do you still play runescape? If your answer is yes, maybe you are very interested in how to get free runescape gold.

As I know, you can take this big festival to get free runescape gold and free runescape items. During the Christmas, many websites held the sales promotion. For example, you can get free gold if you buy runescape accounts on farmer100. 
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Runescape Accounts for Sale 2012

Runescape accounts for sale 2012. Tomorrow is Christmas. Merry Christmas! So how would you celebrate it and spend this winter? I’d like to share this good day with my family, friends and my game players.

Oh, thanks to the Jagex, the runescape provide me a good winter. There is new updates now. Solomon’s General Store: Special Pets. What a good news for runescape players! These astounding and faithful companions love to interact, both with other pets and - indeed - with you. Over time your new best friend will grow from baby to adolescent, and adolescent to adult, changing appearance and learning helpful tricks – such as picking up loot – every step of the way. There's no need to feed these fine creatures with ordinary food, as they will never run away. However, they will grow faster if you feed them with specialised treats, also available from Solomon’s General Store. See the following wonderful pictures!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Buy Runescape Accounts and Take Part in Evolution of Combat

On 20 November 2012, the Jagex had updated the Evolustion of Combat and they were excited to prove the exciting battle to Runescape players. With the arrival of winter, the day has become colder and colder and it is inconvenient for us to do outdoor activities. The best way to spend this good winter is to buy runescape accounts and take part in the Evolution of Combat.

After the Evolution of Combat has been released, the melee is the most popular combat in Runescape now. The Evolution of Combat brings some new content to this game, including new prayers, new ranged equipment, dual weapon wielding and so on. In this evolution, the game players will be shifted to a bank and the players will have opportunity to find 15 extra slots. Some Runescape players consider this evolution is an excellent update for it can allow them to fight bosses they would have been unable to take on at their previous combat level. While, some players think this update is a trash and many players has canceled their membership. Is the Evolution of Combat a good update or not? The best way to find the answer is to buy runescape gold and runescape account for sale to take part in it. The Jagex ran a beta for six months, so you can enter specialized worlds with the new combat system.

If you want to get more information about the Evolution of Combat, you can visit the Runescape official website. Before the evolution was released, the Jagex released 4 videos telling game players the changes in the new combat system on its YouTube channel. The four videos include the following contents: the different types of ablities with other skills, the brief introduction of dual wielding and how it works, the concept of Adrenaline and action bar, the hit splats that occur. After watching these video, you will have a general impression on the Evolution of Combat. And you can get runescape accounts and buy cheap runescape gold to enjoy the new pleasure of the Evolution of Combat with players from all over the world. 

Now, the Jagex has launched some great activities to increase the atmosphere for your weekends in this cold winter. For example, you can take part in the Jagex Winter Weekend to receive double minigame rewards. That would be interesting and very attractive. So don’t miss this good game, buy runescape gp and enjoy your game time.

Buy Cheap Runescape Gold and Win the Cool Ice Wings

As a fan of runescape, I keep close eyes on the official website every day. Today, from the facebook of Runescape, I learned that, the Jagex had provided the game players with cool ice wings and great XP bonus as one of a gift for Christmas. I think this would be a new glory which the players and fans want to go for. The best way to win the cool ice wings is to train a good Runescape account by buying cheap runescape gold.

According to so several years of playing the game, I know we can make runescape money by some useful skills, such as Killing Monsters, Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining and Hunter. Of those, the one I used most often is fishing skill. Fishing is a good way to make rs gold. Generally, I keep my fish as the fish raw for its price is higher than the cooked fish for many rs players want to get fish raw to train their cooking skill. Using fishing to make rs money takes time and patience, so if you have the both, you can have a try. It is really a good way to make runescape money. However, if you need to work in office or study in school, you may haven’t enough time to train a high level runescape account and make runescape gold. Don’t worry; you can take this big festival to buy cheap runescape gold. Now, many websites are selling virtual goods with low price, so you can take advantage of this festival.

In this winter, the Jagex Company is braving frostbite and icy winds to ensure the players can have a good time. If you want to get the cool ice wings, which are very fantastic, you can get the detailed information on the official website of this game. It is said that many players become members and bow down to this cool icy winds. Don’t miss it and you’ll love it. After you wear the cool icy winds, your character will be greater.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Buy Runescape Gold on This Christmas and Make Your Runescape Journey More Exciting

In 2012, the registered member of runescape has reached 200 million and this is a sign of the big success of runescape. Since 2001, the Jagex has always been committed to providing better games to meet the need of game players. In this year, the Runescpe has made some great updates for the game players, such as RuneSpan, the Evolution of combat, the Queen Black Dragon and so on. 

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