Monday, 24 June 2013

still PvP a lot

I PvPd a ton before the changes, and still PvP a lot but at a slightly decreased amount after.

I was hoping to see at least one story of someone who started PvPing in response to 5.3 changes. I'm sure they exist*, but I have a feeling that Blizzard overestimated the impact of selling world of warcraft accounts to their changes in encouraging newbies to PvP, at the cost of alienating people who worked hard for their PvP gear. To be fair, I also think the amount of people saying "I quit" to the changes was very overblown too. It was, and still is, very discouraging that they nerfed PvP gear so hard.

I can say for certain that the number of competitive games games has gone up since the change, which is great. It used to be that the outcome of a BG was determined 90% of the time before the gates even opened. Now it's maybe 40% of the time. The role-matching is great, but either it's buggy, or idiots are trying to game the system to "shorten their queues" (hint: it doesn't) by selecting off-roles, because I still get games where it's 3 healers to none.

I suuuuuuuck at Arenas. Suck suck suck. So I don't know how I would begin to earn enough CP quickly enough to compensate for my fast wow gold suckitude. We can only otherwise earn 200 a day through a RBG and the Call to Arms BG, right?

I think my trouble with the whole thing is that you have to put a lot of time in to get good, but you aren't getting rewarded very well during that time (really, at all, unless im missing something), and that's a pretty strong disincentive. Furthermore, what's the point of a CP catch up, if I can't seem to win enough to accrue it? To me, these things combine to say "don't bother."

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

the gold was purchased

Yep, I've bought gold to around the tune of 8k or so, spread across a few years and 3 separate transactions. The first time I bought some, 800g and I'll always remember that since it was the first bit of money I had over 15g, I was really nervous that I'd be scammed and I'd never see the gold. Who was I going to run and cry to, Blizzard? But I got it like a day later and all was good, aside from feeling like shit for buying gold.

The rest of the gold was purchased during Wrath and it was to get my characters the gold they needed to get flying or epic flying. I had maybe 4k or so much wowgold, and bought the rest. Those were much faster experiences, as I usually got the gold within 15 minutes. The second to last transaction, the guy who delivered my gold was actually a pretty nice guy. He lived in China and he told me that about 50% of their gold was "legally" obtained. We actually had a great conversation and became friends. Later he started his own gold company with some people he met at the other company, and he told me a lot that backed up the press that gold farmers have received.

Their working conditions sucked and those who scammed accounts usually felt pretty bad. His new company, however, was committed to selling world of warcraft accounts gold that had been farmed legitimately. There may be a realm transfer here and there, but that was paid out of profits. He also told me that the employees there were treated really well comparatively and worked good hours. He was a good man, and I bought from him for my last transaction. It was slower, about a day or two, but I got my gold and he threw in some extra since I stuck with him and his new company. His website was also very good, giving me more peace of mind. It didn't have crap all over it, it was clean and polished, and didn't throw any errors or exceptions when I accessed the page on my browser.

I personally think Blizzard's method sucks, but I'm glad it's there. It's not the EULA I care about in regards to farming (don't get me started on game industry EULAs) but the workers and the means of obtaining. This guy provided a good service with good employment, and I was happy to buy world of warcraft accounts from him. Could he have lied to me all along? Sure, but it was just kind of one of those feelings, like you know someone is okay and being really honest with you. (We had A LOT of conversations, a couple a week for like, 6-8 months!) So, I support companies like THAT who get gold in legitimate ways and TECHNICALLY sell their time (but really, they're selling gold) to obtain it, but I'd say it's next to impossible to identify the "good" farmers. I got lucky. For everyone else, though, just don't buy gold. If you wanna do the Blizzard route, go ahead, but that's the only money that should change hands.

In the Mists beta, I've enjoyed very quick money-making, and I think a lot of the "need" I had to buy gold once upon a time has gone. I haven't bought any since Cataclysm came out, and I won't buy again. I just don't need to anymore. It's not worth my money, actually.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PvE and PvP servers

I have played on both PvE and PvP servers, and while PvE servers were safe and fast, they were also boring.  I accept getting ganked.  I accept getting camped.  I gank and I camp.  I've understood for a long time now that PvP realms are not for the faint of heart.  There have been times when I got wowgold frustrated at being camped and logged off to do something else, and there are also times where I've frustrated someone so much that they logged off.

There is one thing that is only *slightly* annoying, and that is I either have to risk getting ganked, or read what the quest giver says when I turn in a quest.  I get over it quickly though. PvP is and should be scary.  This is a game you can buy wow accounts, and to expect people to behave in a considerate manner while playing anonymously is silly idealistic thinking in my opinion.  Assume that every alliance/horde toon you see is trying to kill you!

It's a question of how much time you have on your hands. If you only have *this* much time to play WoW and you have to spend most of it fighting other players, getting killed by them, or going somewhere else to avoid them, well that's your time up, and you didn't get anywhere. On a PvE realm I can log in for 45 minutes and accomplish something for the day. I can only imagine that people on PvP realms must have hours and hours of free time and an hour wasted on ganking or getting ganked isn't that big a deal for them.

Monday, 17 June 2013

I don't mind story tie-ins

I don't mind story tie-ins. I think books/comics/whatever that take the game story and expand on it are awesome.

I have a problem though with major story events only happening in a book/comic/whatever. The entire weird zombie event from Stormrage when it was sort of a last stand in Azeroth against sleep zombies while a few brave souls fought the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream? one knows wowgold that ever happened unless they read the book. And that could have been really cool too.

Magni becoming fused with Iron Forge and Cairne dying off screen illustrate this too. Major lore figures should not be killed off in a book! That said, I'm not sure how this could better be resolved in-game. I am thinking maybe with questlines...but not everyone likes quests. Cut scenes might work...but not everyone likes them either.

I can't even watch most of them because I play on a mac and cut scenes tend to crash my wow client so I have them disabled. (They have not worked properly since Cata started.) At the moment it looks--in my cheap wow accounts totally biased opinion--like most of the cool Horde lore happens in the game while the Alliance story gets pushed to books.

This annoys me because some of the WoW authors are so bad I can't read their books. I could not finish Wolfheart because it was so terrible for me--just not the style of writing I enjoy at all. So sell wow accounts...even though Varian was cool in it, I did not see it. I guess what I want most is a more even showing of the story. It would be nice if the bare bones events from all the tie-in media showed up in-game. I would like to see the basic story while I am playing and then go to the books etc. to see it in depth.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I don't pvp myself

Although I don't pvp myself, and I'm perfectly content not doing so, I don't understand why that wasn't factored into this Legendary quest line. If this was supposed to be the "legendary for all", and if part of it requires going into bgs, as well as the parts the require lfrs/raids, why isn't there a reward that benefits pvp players. I understand the stats on the metas may be helpful to someone who does arenas (though I'm not certain), I'd think something with pvp power on it might be more useful.. and a shout out to buy wow accounts the pvp players that may have stuck through the quest line through all the pve.  As an addition, if they had considered items eith pvp power/resil on them for the sha gem as well, and the back, and whatever else comes, they sigils/runestones could have dropped in random battlegrounds as well as raids. That way the pvp players could do what they enjoy doing and progress without being forced to do lfr or raid. The bg part would still be annoying to some pve people, but it'd be one thing that makes us go out of the norm to get safe wow gold to complete the thing. If they'd done one thing (maybe keep sigils in lfrs and have runestones drop frmo bgs? something) to make the pvp people go out of their norm to keep it fair.

To me, personally, it wasn't a big deal. I grabbed a guildie that enjoys bgs and went with him so he could tell me how not to die. It worked out well. :)  But if they want to have players experience both sides of gameplay to get a nice shiny reward, balance how far each type of player has to venture into the other side of play. For me, 2 bgs wasn't a huge deal. To someone who pvps as much as I pve (and by that I mean raid/lfr/dungeon), having to run lfrs for weeks for 2 different parts of the ch.

Wait, what?  All this means is people will be running ToT a lot more, in place of the others.  Yeah, um, not exactly a "catch up" there at all.

It's still just RNG hell.  My freaking MAIN is behind on it because I can barely drag myself into LFR and then I hardly ever get a drop.  6/20 and not looking forward to the other one with 12.  Oh, sure, Lei Shen is a guaranteed drop.  That's only 26 weeks of running ToT if I went with that, half a year. By then the next expansion will be out...

Friday, 14 June 2013

What this means for Hunters

If a hunter doesn't really enjoy the look of a certain tier of armor, or even of the older styles through transmogrification, the cosmetic rewards for Challenge Mode are stunning. The only way to get them is to group up and take on dungeons with a timed event, which the participant must work as a team to buy wow accounts beat the mode in time to win the prize. It's a digital PvE Olympic gauntlet that rewards the victorious with either a bronze, silver, or gold. It's a complete re-haul of the outdated "normal" and "heroic" modes. Each of the three medals has its own tier of rewards, therefore the more gold metals, the more of that tier in unlocked, including more cosmetic wonders of Pandaria.

What this means for Hunters

It means being required to essentially meld together PvP play style with PvE tactics and preparation; it means battleground communication in a dungeon environment; it means lighting fast wow gold PvP style adaptation in a team setting facing the clock. As hunters farm the dungeons progressing their character and item level, they need to pay close attention and start taking mental notes. However, it should be kept in mind that once a dungeon is set on Challenge Mode, gear is normalized. So it doesn't really matter what kind of gear someone has. This means everyone is going to start out on an equally solid footing. In order to achieve the gold, players will be forced to know the ins and outs of their toon's capabilities and be able to execute them with timed precision.

For hunters who are cosmetically driven, this means a tremendous amount. Picture taking a screen shot with a new rare beast, standing faithfully aside a brand new mount with cosmetic enhancements. The cosmetic hunter is decked out in armor sets that defy the pre pandaria era, and to top everything off, their medals are tracked and inspectable for all to see and admire! It's never been better to be a cosmetic hunter.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lordaeron plotlines

The thing is, Lordaeron plotlines should be for both Alliance *and* Horde, given that not only do both sides have a pragmatic stake in the matter (What with fighting a war against each other), but the League of Arathor and Forsaken are both still active in the area.

It's like I've been saying since Cataclysm: Blizzard dropped the ball with Gilneas. Rather than having the worgen bugger off to Kalimdor to be Emergency Backup Night Elf Race #2 (Thus overcrowding zones like Darkshore to the point where neither the worgen nor cheap wow accounts or the Draenei were able to have sufficient facetime as groups instead of the occasional straggler), they should have had the sell wow accounts Silverpine-Hillsbrad-Arathi/Hinterlands plotline be about the assorted Alliance-affiliated Lordaeron-based groups scrambling to beat the Horde.

Hell, have the end of the whole experience be a last stand at the Thandol Span to hold the line until reinforcements from Ironforge and Gnomeregan can arrive (Or alternatively sappers to blow the bridge up to prevent the Forsaken from marching on the Wetlands and thus threatening Ironforge), and you've got yourself a perfect setup for an engaging story about buying wow gold the Alliance losing that (a) doesn't involve goblins with cheese on their heads, (b) doesn't need to involve Stormwind at all, and (c) showcases the new player race and other underused, undervalued and under-represented Alliance races.

I mean, imagine the Gilneans trying to drum up support from groups like the Stormpike Guard and League of Arathor, who shouldn't be too happy with them due to hiding behind their wall when things started to go south.

Friday, 7 June 2013

where to begin

Because most of the writers are PvE focused, I feel like a lot of their articles skew towards the PvE playerbase unintentionally. For example, Blinding Light is a staple CC for paladins in PvP and Turn Evil is used quite frequently to CC warlock demons, DK ghouls, Psyfiends/Shadowfiends/Mindbenders, UH DK gargoyles, etc. There was an article in the DK column about changing talents and though some of the changes suggested were applicable for PvE, they were WAY off for PvP, like saying that nobody took Desecrated Ground and sell wow accounts that Conversion was useless. The problem is, they don't mention that they're talking about PvE. They just say it in general...

Wow… where to begin… Just on my rogue, I use six sets of ability bars. Stealth (nomod) (replaces primary bar), primary abilities (nomod), secondary abilities (shift), heals/buffs (ctrl), mounts/quest items (alt), misc. (professions, rarely used abilities, etc .) (ctrl-shift). Plus a seventh bar (bound to the two top-left index finger mouse buttons, plus shift, ctrl, and alt for a total of eight additional spots) that just has my stealth macro and sprint and room for a couple more that i might need to add fast wow gold quicky (like the bomb to blow open doors in battlegrounds). Plus one more bar with things like my "/console reloadui" macro that any character might use, but that bar isn't bound. Without my naga, I would be completely lost. To physically find a button, I usually have to search, even though I could click it instantly from knowing the keybinding. I used to keep my bars faded out since I know the bindings, but ever since RangeX stopped being developed I have to keep them visible to see the cooldowns.
And beside the gigantic utility and convenience, even if you only use one or two bars, you'll be much faster once you learn to use the naga.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Flex and LFR

Your Point 1 is moot.  If Flex and LFR are both available for loots seperate from Normal/Heroic, then no matter what the ilvl is, some raiders missing that one piece will feel compelled to run it.  With the cheap wow accounts to addition of Token uses for extra rolls, that will be higher, if they really need that one slot filled (depends on what drops for the spec from a particular boss). 

It needs to be high enough to compel some people to try for it besides LFR.  Where that needs to be compared to normal, not sure.  But I think it should be at least 8 ilvls higher than LFR (so the dropped item basically amounts to a LFR item + 2 upgrades), or it won't mean anything.   But at that point, I can see Raiders going "Now if I can't get a 522 in normal, I _have_ to run Flex so I have a shot at a 510" QQ...

Love your idea about scaling to less than 10 people, but it becomes problematic from a role stand point (Still require 2 tanks for swapping, or remove the mechanic below X threshold? Where does that put best wow gold things on a healer/dps ratio?), and the damage and health numbers start being extrapolated instead of interpolated between 10 and 25 numbers.  Control (I think the buzz word is "balance") starts disappearing.  Not something Blizzard would do lightly or without a lot of testing.

Agree we need better ways to find groups.  With people no longer all in cities (by design), there are now 4 or more zones you need to have someone to get your message out to people.  And the pre-LFR "tool" never has anything listed when I go look; it is dead.

Flex may not roll off the tongue, but it describes it perfectly.   Maybe next xpac "flex" will be "normal" and "normal" will be "heroic" requiring 10 or 25, and "heroic" will be "challenge mode raid"

They did that with Heroic Scenarios... And it felt like Blizzard was actively pushing people away from LF-tool content.  Blizzard hot-fixed that, to players enjoyment.  Making same lockout for selling wow accounts LFR and Flex for loot, and only first one you run determines loot would be exactly the same thing. 

And Blizzard needs those people to fill the LFR rosters to help the even more casuals along and keep queue times down.  If that seems contradictory, think about queues in the dead times, like 3am on a Thursday or Friday, and how great that would be if all LFR queues worked like that.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Unbreakable Spirit

Immunities are powerful things. Divine Shield is a spell that provokes very heated responses from anyone who has faced a paladin in PvP combat and draws the envy of nearly every class for its incalculable uses in PvE content. Even though our damage output is cut in half for the duration of buying wow accounts the spell, being immune to all forms of damage for eight seconds is incredible.

The devs, however, thought that eight seconds of damage immunity wasn't enough and gave us the wonderful talent Unbreakable Spirit. In short, US allows you to reduce your Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Lay on Hands cooldowns by 50% simply by spending holy power. As ret we're usually bursting at the seems with the resource, and spending it is in our best interest regardless of whether we spec into US or not, so this talent basically allows us to have DS available every two and a half minutes.

Now, I know what you're thinking: if you're in a position to buying wow gold need an immunity every two and a half minutes, you must be doing something wrong, right? Well, there's another use for our bubble that Rossi discusses in his article -- preventing debuff applications.

Say you're just starting out on heroic Jin'rokh and your healers are having a hard time finding enough magic dispels to cleanse Ionization from everyone in the raid. With DS, you can prevent Ionization from even touching you. Not only will this help your healers immensely, but you can also remain in the damage-boosting puddle for its entire duration. Thanks to US selling wow accounts, we can do this on the first and third puddle phases, meaning you will most likely only need a single dispel for the entire encounter.

Hell, toss in a /cancelaura macro for good measure and you can ensure that you only lose a couple GCDs of potential damage on the boss; I like to use a shift modifier macro so I don't accidentally clear my bubble when I inevitably spam my keybind:

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

overview of the regular events

That picture gives me rage. That's exactly why wow has faltered in lots of ways. Thrall needs to die for the better of wow and Varyan needs to be a king with a purpose. MoP has been awesome, I just hope next expansion is totally full out war. Revamp EVERY battleground. EVERY instance dungeon with scenario based loresided story telling already in-game. make questing feel like a scenario as well where things actually develop eu wow gold and people with CRZ can engage together. things as such.

I kind of dont feel like Thrall puts us in a position to have a shoot first ask questions later mentality.  Thrall brought about peace in Cata and elevatdd his status as peaceful. He is identified with peace. The Horde has been under Garrosh now and our culture should now be more wow accounts for sale identified with agression and a shoot first ask questions later mentality. Dont get me wrong,  I love Thrall, but his elevated greatness is to much of a180 from the Horde that we are. I will be hapoy to serve under him, but we are not yet worthy.

From weekly fishing contests to yearly recurring holidays with monthly carnivals in between, you never have to look far to buy wow accounts to find a celebration in World of Warcraft.

To give you an overview of the regular events, contests, and activities occurring in Azeroth throughout the year, we’ve recently added an In-game Events page to the World of Warcraft Game Guide. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your year, whether you’re just getting started or looking to refresh your knowledge. The new page also links to the most recent blogs about in-game events.

Check out the In-game Events page to learn how Azeroth celebrates throughout the year—and find out how you can get involved. The next event is always just around the corner!


Monday, 3 June 2013

Alliances during the Burning Crusade

Round two, fight! As both Horde and Alliance forces entered the Dark Portal and traveled to Outland, tensions continued to build on both sides. But once again, both sides united to put a stop to get the best wow gold to the Burning Legion -- this time, Kil'jaeden. In fact, the interaction between the blood elves and draenei was the perfect illustration of what an alliance between the two factions could accomplish. Even though the blood elves had sabotaged the Exodar, causing it to plummet to Azeroth, Velen was able to distinguish between the elves that served Prince Kael'thas, and subsequently the Burning Legion, and the blood elves who were simply blind followers.

Not only that, but Velen was willing to actually help the beleaguered blood elves and restore the Sunwell. The source of all their power -- the thing that caused all those crazy addictions that eventually led their leader straight to the Legion's doorstep. And Velen didn't ask for a single thing in return. In contrast, the blood elves had the help of the Forsaken, yes -- and were forced to send what little aid they could to buy wow accounts from Northrend, under threat of that alliance being broken.

Is it any wonder that the blood elves considered, even briefly, defecting from the Horde? The relationship between the draenei and the blood elves was barely mentioned by either side. The draenei didn't receive any kind of punishment for what they'd done, and the blood elves received no acknowledgement of their short alliance with the draenei, either. In fact, both sin'dorei and draenei were by and large ignored when the war in Northrend began, their curious alliance completely forgotten in favor of fighting the Lich King -- and fighting between the Alliance and Horde.
Know Your Lore The Alliance and Horde