Friday, 7 June 2013

where to begin

Because most of the writers are PvE focused, I feel like a lot of their articles skew towards the PvE playerbase unintentionally. For example, Blinding Light is a staple CC for paladins in PvP and Turn Evil is used quite frequently to CC warlock demons, DK ghouls, Psyfiends/Shadowfiends/Mindbenders, UH DK gargoyles, etc. There was an article in the DK column about changing talents and though some of the changes suggested were applicable for PvE, they were WAY off for PvP, like saying that nobody took Desecrated Ground and sell wow accounts that Conversion was useless. The problem is, they don't mention that they're talking about PvE. They just say it in general...

Wow… where to begin… Just on my rogue, I use six sets of ability bars. Stealth (nomod) (replaces primary bar), primary abilities (nomod), secondary abilities (shift), heals/buffs (ctrl), mounts/quest items (alt), misc. (professions, rarely used abilities, etc .) (ctrl-shift). Plus a seventh bar (bound to the two top-left index finger mouse buttons, plus shift, ctrl, and alt for a total of eight additional spots) that just has my stealth macro and sprint and room for a couple more that i might need to add fast wow gold quicky (like the bomb to blow open doors in battlegrounds). Plus one more bar with things like my "/console reloadui" macro that any character might use, but that bar isn't bound. Without my naga, I would be completely lost. To physically find a button, I usually have to search, even though I could click it instantly from knowing the keybinding. I used to keep my bars faded out since I know the bindings, but ever since RangeX stopped being developed I have to keep them visible to see the cooldowns.
And beside the gigantic utility and convenience, even if you only use one or two bars, you'll be much faster once you learn to use the naga.

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