Saturday, 27 April 2013

alpha / beta

I have an idea to alpha / beta wich would be awesome if added to real game later on. so we r able to see distant lands right, it would be so amazing! if we would be able to see people too that would be like wow!!Hmm, Guess f2p gets no say in an update once again, nothing new though, I'm not even mad lmfao. I'm used to it. How about if an update is going to be released for both f2p and p2p you let both test it, just a suggestion, God you need to buy runescape account to open your eyes and fix this mess you've made of Runescape.

Awesome update, I got into the Html5 Beta so didn't get selected for this one which sucks, wanted be in both. People need learn to adapt and evolve with change or quit.When are you guys going to finish unbanning/muting the people that got wrongfully banned and muted on selling runescape accounts the 18 April.. it has been a long wait, I haven't been able to get onto the beta yet! looks good I was just trying to finish my progress on 2007 before I got the beta

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I will own Falador

I will own Falador, after that i will team up with Saradomin and conquer Varrock.. after that the wilderness will surrender without any battle.. and then I will conquer the rest of the map.. and after I have the whole world, I will kill Saradomin so I can the true "good" god!
Which year or how old were you when you first come into contact with RuneScape? I still remember I was still in my middle school and many of my classmates were playing the game which was very popular and had more than 100 thousand players very day after school. At that time, my family didn’t support me to play games for having bad effects on my study and life. You know, there is nothing more important than family that are the ones who show up when we are in trouble and the ones who push us to succeed. But I still love the game and I just spend only two hours a day on selling runescape accounts. Time flies. Now there are more than 200 million gamers join the game and the Old School Runescape which will attract many old rs players has come back. I still remember the time I search the keywords about the Runescape, I got many good articles which about the guide of the game and wonderful photos which made deep impression in my heart.
When I first registered a new account on the official website, I wanted to improve my skill and combat level in short time so that I could completed more quests and try difficult challenges. At first, I knew nothing about it so I made some friends in the game who buy runescape account could tell me some game guides and tips to hit high level. Besides, there are many free game guides on the official website and many videos on the Yotube. Now I own a rs account with 169 combat level but I want to experience the high quest so I may choose to buy runescape account from the internet. 
I’m very glad for the Old School runescape and I hope many of my rs friends can come back to the game. We have so many good memories in the game and we still can share our sorrow and happiness in the game. So, come on and join the game. I believe we can have a good and happy travel. 
Are you temped? Don’t worry you lost your rs accounts for you can buy cheap runescape accounts on the Internet very easily as long as you find a reliable website. Well, if you want to leave the game forever and want to get some real money, you can reach that gold by selling runescape accounts. So everyone, I hope you all can have a wonderful game journey with me. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

tream Q&A

yeah i have a question why couldnt i log in on doublexp weekend i feel kinda ripped off i got on for five minutes and it logged me off so why wouldnt it let me stay logged in ???why membars also have the new item buy of non membar never have the new item oh and give non membars a new minigames a new quest and a new map for non membars please. guess what ik every single spot to that map i walk runescape map like 19 times and i have played for 7 to 8 years the worst part of the map is selling runescape accounts canifis i dont like being attack by vampryes they attack my i would just use my magic to kill them im magic lvl. 
 Prepare ye oh Gielinor! For the link has been restored, his faithful have begun to stir, plans are in motion, all who oppose will be washed away! Those who follow the pretender shall be not only abolished, but expunged from the records of time to get cheap runescape accounts ....the one true God of Gielinor shall walk among us once more, Lord Zaros I long to feel your presence, grace us with your ancient powers once again, and bring a light of vengeance the likes of which have never been witnessed, prepare for redemption!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Runescape Old School

If you are a runescape player and love the old school runescpae, you may know there is a poll on the old school runescape servers on the official rs website community which is also a good and big forum for all rs lovers. Several weeks ago, this topic was hot discussed by a part of rs gamers especially 2007 rs players. Although the outcome of the poll was a bit slower than planed, the Jagex game studio still released the old school for all the players no matter you are a newbie or an old one. This updates also intents to thanks for the support and love of the games of this wonderful game and the loyal vast users of runescape.

Yourself is the only one can decide the time, the energy and the money you want to spend on the game as well as the equipment fee and membership fee even the runescape accounts fee for there are many people choosing to buy runescape accounts from the Internet nowadays. Return to the topic of old school runescape, it is said there were over 170,000 votes support the old school runescape. Though the number is very small when compared to the 200 million users of the game, it presents the popularity and the good reputation of the old school runescape which can attract many old runescape players to come back to the game. In fact, this is also a good news to the 2007 runescape players and the runescape accounts sellers for 07 players can enjoy the wonderful again and rs accounts sellers can earn some money from the 07 rs accounts and 07 runescape gold.

Another good news for the old school runescape is that every runescape players who vote for the poll can get a free month membership regardless of the outcome of the poll. So, if you also want to join the old school of the game, you can join the poll on the community of the official website which usually gives you the latest news and game guide. I’m so glad the game can release the old school for all rs gamers to join the wonderful MMORP. If you are worry about the runescape account, you can buy runescape account on or some other websites that are professional in virtual goods selling. Well, if you want to earn some real money from the game, you can reach that by selling runescape accounts on Internet. Be carful to choose a reliable website.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Get Your Free Skypouncer Outfit Now!

Purchase a red RuneScape pre-paid card from GameStop, EB Games or GAME and redeem it between 21st March and 30th April (inclusive) to bag yourself the exclusive skypouncer outfit: a spectacular set of cosmetic overrides that'll bring out the beast within!
Skypouncer Outfit

A great match with the skypouncer, this outfit retains all of the fearsome appeal that's so familiar to owners of the adult pet.

You can find our participating retailers in the following territories:

    UK: GAME
    USA: GameStop
    Mainland EU & Republic of Ireland: GameStop
    Canada, Australia & New Zealand: EB Games

Take a look at our store locator page to buy runescape account find your nearest retailer. If you don’t have a store nearby, don’t worry. Many of our participating retailers also run online stores. Be sure that it's a physical card being sent to you, though - e-vouchers won't get you the outfit.

Remember: this offer only lasts until the 30th of April, so be sure to grab your skypouncer outfit now. It’s also a great way to top up your RuneScape membership for the coming months (or top up your spins or runecoins, if you prefer), and you'll be getting an awesome set of cosmetic overrides for free!

Be sure to check out the Billing Support wiki for selling runescape accounts any further questions you might have about claiming your skypouncer outfit.

For general information on RuneScape pre-paid cards, head over to our FAQ.

Monday, 15 April 2013

the super rare Squeal of Fortune items

Have you won any of the super rare Squeal of Fortune items so far in our 'Super-Rare a Day' offer?Mod crow. " I made a report and I ment to report that player as encourage player rule breaking and I accidentally put macroing/bots. Sorry and won't happen again mate.I mostly end up with coin bags, I have gotten a few of the warlord items but don't expect to get cheap runescape accounts full set. Shame really....Oh well I still have fun playing, I work full time and have a family and it's a good way to just relax at night when I get in while they are in bed.

what are you guys talking about? i got the full archon set on here, a headress, at least 5 prismatic pendants + one prized pendant,3 sets of 5 small recharge gems for the pendants, multiple +2 spin tickets, both horns, and 2 pairs of samid's gloves ...a friend even got the 200M from the wheel and bought 3rd age stuff with it...I did not buy even ONE spin on this game all those spins were selling runescape accounts either from quests, skilling, the 2 free spins you get a day or if i landed on the spin tickets they were added on...there are times when you are lucky and times when you are not.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Runescape 2007

Mod Mat K is here to share a new edition of the Old School Dev Blog! When will Bot nuke happen to 07? bots already destroyed the fishing economy and woodcutting economy you people need to start paying more attention on destroying these bots i bet there bots making more money then a high employ at jagex.  buy runescape account about Runescape 2007 server poll currently did not make the poll for free 2007 for free users. They pretty much said if they get 500,00k votes then they will give 2007 to free users without charge.
"Please don't blame runescape they are here to help not to cause problems." Thanks

for rs3 how about the ongoing loyal players who never ended there membership we shoud also get in before everyone else I have never end my membership and I been playing for all most 6 years being selling runescape accounts a member without canceling it please do something for us people who didnt cancel membership

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mod Viking preparing

sweet man just sweet the wilderness and free trade are coming. im gettin a free 3.2m when it does come back from other acc's i bought. only costed me 5$. anyways my name is kimihagu on selling runescape accounts the game and congrats to all who saved money on there other acc's!

this it's bullshit u don't have to make it that big it's goin to be the same as back then ! ur people are 2 playful ! they should have never taken out the old wildy in the first place !

 i know listen to my idea if we do runescape better and cooler then we have more players playing it

and if someone isnt member but let him do spec attack! and my name on runescape is meterm1 and rhe and swe scapexp and alistr31 and ipwning5!

Here's Mod Viking preparing for the return of the cheap runescape accounts Wilderness with his patented battle cry: "ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!"

Join with us in updating your Facebook status with your Wildy battle cry and show the rest of the RuneScape community that ...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Comments on any post made by Runescape are always hilarious. People yelling at eachother because the version the other person likes is the worse version of the game. Just play whatever the hell version you like. selling runescape accounts and Calling someone a 'nostalgiafag' Is just stupid and uncalled for.

 They just recently achieved 200*,000,000 accounts, not just 2 million. Jagex measures their statistics pretty accurately - for the most part, most bots can't really be included in the unique monthly statistics, because they filter the results. and was that through the history? Only a short while ago didn't they only have 2,000,000 players? And did this include bots and maybe Gold Farmers. And how many of these "players" were the same person. Don't forget you can only have one character per account. So if you want two toons. You need 2 accounts. Also after a certain point you do hit pretty much endgame. You run out of new weps, armor, and quests. There's really no dungeons either. That'd be considered endgame once you run out of new content.

I just prefer playing a game with a proper community that isn't built around 12 year old pre-mature try-hards. Oh the bots can get in the way too.
No one even calls this game RuneScape anymore. The main game is known as "EOC".
This is because RuneScape has and always will be about the simplicity game-play of a complex game. It's the complete opposite to other MMORPGs.
Now if you like EOC, that's fine by me. BUT don't think you have one up again 07 players because you don't. Sort out your game community, get the YouTube community back and the forums and guide website etc.
Oh and to buy runescape account those 12 year olds that built the majority of the EOC player base, grow up and learn some proper manors and social skills. I went onto the EOC servers for a bit recently and no one was talking to eachother and if there was a conversation it was similar to "I'm better than you. You suck"

Jagex wont do anything about it because they only care about people buying spins and membership

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1 million likes

okay, okay.. for the people who are saying jagex will fail! well look at this, if they got one million likes one FB, then thats one million true players (not bots). One third of those million true players are most likely F2P. so that leaves 750k true players that are not bots paying almost 7 U.S dollars every month, thats 5.25M everymonth that Jagex is genarating off one game and selling runescape accounts. and thats not countign the BOTS who are paying for P2P. so this is for the peopel who quit. Jagex will not fail! lol dumbasses. And for the people who quit because they dont like EOC, then dont play a game you dont like.dont bring everyone else down who enjoys EOC. on that note if you dont like EOC and buy runescape account then you dont like it so dont play it. its not gonna change.

There are 1 million likes because people like me forgot to unlike this page... we never bothered... but Runescape is so bad now. After quitting since the big combat update, I decided to check the homepage and see if they took it out yet... and then I saw the update about the mask and how they reached 1 million likes on Facebook, so that reminded me to unlike it

Monday, 8 April 2013


SO EXCITED!! I was really upset with Jagex this last month or so, what with all the hoo-haa around the 2007 servers and delaying TWW quest. But now that we've been glimpsed into HTML5 RS.... IM SO EXPLETIVE EXCITEDDDDD!!!

i used to like playing castle wars, until the godswords were introduced. it completely killed it for me. Plus i liked the old combat lvling system before eoc. my main goal in the entire game was to get 128cb. then 136 w/ summoning. now it kinda sucks being stuck at 200

i think it will be pretty cool ive played 07 and eoc i prefer the new updates ect so im for rs3 ect ect will make eoc even better woop woop

I would have loved to play. But right after I paid for a new month, my 8 and a half year old account was permanently banned for botting. Not only have a never botted in my life, but I wasn't even online at the time. I filled out an appeal thinking that it was just a mistake. No response. I waited buy runescape account the while month I had paid for, nothing. At the end of the month, I was informed that Jagex does not do appeals on bottling bans. So you guys not only screwed up, you lied about the appeals system. I waited, checking everyday to see when you would realize your mistake. I get permanently banned selling runescape accounts when I wasn't playing and I can't even get someone to review it? The ban happened after hours at Jagex, meaning that there was noone to verify your mistake. My name was Dr Hangman. I really enjoyed rs for years, until you guys screwed up. Be warned rs players, it happens to me even though I helped find botters and get them removed. I hate what botting has done to the game. And if you protest loud enough, you will be banned too.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dungeoneering Dual Wielding and Charm Collectors (members only)

RuneScape 3 Beta Programme (members only)

As announced in the bonus Behind the Scenes on March 22nd, we have been upgrading the RuneScape engine and main game interface to make something truly amazing, and we're opening the beta for this new experience this month. If you want to get involved, registration for beta access opens very shortly. Look out for more information this week. If you’re already a Gold or Silver Premier Club member you’ll be automatically included, but all other members can also register their interest. We’ll be giving you buy runescape account beta access to the new HTML5 engine, but you’ll be able to use your main character and gain rewards and XP just as you would in the normal game. You'll be able to try out the alpha version of the new interface soon after the client beta goes live. This'll be on separate worlds and game saves, but the changes we have in store are incredibly cool and you'll definitely want to take a look.

Your feedback is really important, as we want RuneScape 3 to be the game that you want. The application window will only be open for one week, so make sure you’re at the front of the queue!

Dungeoneering Dual Wielding and Charm Collectors (members only)

Following extensive feedback on the forums, we will be adding new weapons to Dungeoneering to allow for dual wielding and use of its associated abilities. These new pieces of equipment cover all styles and level ranges, and will allow for all the combat customisation options you're selling runescape accounts currently using on the surface world. On top of that, there are new ranged and mage shields to really round out the options for those combat styles.

Additionally, we're adding a brand new reward to buy with your Dungeoneering tokens that can collect charms for you in the main game. It comes in the form of a friendly imp who sits in your backback, hoovering all your charms up so you don’t have to sift through drop piles to find them. Handy!

Castle Wars (members only) and Duel Arena Improvements (free and members)

Castle Wars continues to be one of your favourite minigames, and we’ve put together a significant upgrade to the way the game looks, feels, and rewards your efforts.

To start with, we’ve completely reworked the environments for both Castle Wars and the Duel Arena, giving them a major makeover on par with our most recent updates.
Castle Wars

In Castle Wars, we’ve replaced Castle Wars tickets with new silver and gold
EoC Update (free and members)

We’re addressing some major pieces of feedback on the new combat system this month, following some great discussions in-game and on the forums.

Firstly, we’re making your hard-earned stats mean far more in combat, meaning players with the best stats will have significant advantages over players that don’t and the monsters you are fighting will suffer the full force of your combat skills. We're also changing armour stats to bring back the choice between defensive and offensive armour. Armour will be classed as offensive, defensive or hybrid gear, with stats to match, and has been optimised for its traditional purpose: Bandos will be offensively oriented, for example - all about increasing your max hit.

With those updates we'll also be able to improve some of the game programming that controls basic hit chances, making the whole combat experience far more enjoyable.

Perhaps most importantly, though, we are changing potions and prayers to be even more effective in combat - all because of your feedback.

Private God Wars Dungeons (members only)

What better way to test out your new armour and combat prowess than with your own, crash-free, private God Wars Dungeon for you and your buddies? It can be quite frustrating when rooms get overcrowded by a new group of battle-crazed adventurers, hungry for those drops. Well, those days can be a thing of the past as you’ll soon be able to hire - for a small GP fee - your own version of the dungeon.

For those that like a tougher challenge, a 'hard mode' can be accessed. In this mode, the God Wars bosses who featured in The World Wakes will have all the new combat mechanics they had in the quest, but with far higher stats. These guys are really, really tough and can be accessed by you and a group of your friends, offering far more valuable drops than their normal brethren. Dare you take on the fight?

XP Additions (free and members)

Have you ever been training your skills, watching your XP dials, and thought: “That’s odd. I wonder why I didn’t get any XP for that”? Well, so have we. This month we're adding small amounts of XP to over 30 processes in RuneScape, ranging from grinding unicorn horn dust to picking flax. You’ll get XP for making unfinished potions, adding a seed to plant pots…all sorts of processes that really should have given XP in the first place. You told us to add XP, and we listened!

Customer Support Community Round-up 04/04


It may be a little way off, but on April 20th RuneScape Video makers are holding the 2013 RuneScape Gathering! This is a great chance to meet some of your favourite video makers. Past events have always managed to draw a huge crowd. Can this year's gathering top them all?


April Fools' Day saw plenty of funny articles from our Fansites, and here a couple of our favourites:

RuneHQ posted a funny look at a potential new skill...Bankstanding! They even included a handy guide explaining the basics.

Tip.It also announced a new skill, presenting an exclusive sneak peak at their April Fools', Exploration! buy runescape account or selling runescape accounts on

It wasn't all tricks and fools this week though. RuneZone announced that on the 9th April they will be hosting a live interview with our very own lore-master, Mod Osborne.

If you have any burning questions relating to RuneScape history and lore please post it on this thread over at the RuneZone forums and it could be asked live on air.

If you would like to get involved with producing articles for a Fansite, RuneScape Bits and Bytes have recently opened applications for a writing position. Check out their announcement thread for more info.A wise man once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. And thus, 2007 is insanity

Monday, 1 April 2013

playing games

In the 21th century , more and more people spend their much time in surfing the internet ,the computer is  more and more popular to people ,no matter young people or old people ,even some little children ,they also do like play computer everyday. some surfing internet are for business ,some are for shopping. Some are for checking their information, some are for chat with their friends, some are see movies and so on ,however ,more and more people who surfing internet for a whole day are for playing games .such as the game of rs accounts. So weather or not do people playing games good for us?

There are kinds of comments about it, some people think it is not good for their health, there are three reasons .firstly, playing games all day it will hurt yourself because of the strong radiation.secondly, the games will make people feel tried as we keep an eye out the screen, our eyes will have a sence of pain,and also our brain will lack of oxygen.
the thirdly, playing for a longtime of games will make people out of their real world ,however, some people have the active comments about it. they think playing games like the sell rs account will make you relax while your daily work ,if you have some pressure from work that’s will take works well ,the secondly , playing games sometimes can excise one’s ability of ingenuity, most of importantly, playing the RS account games will help you earn some money ,because when we buy the RS account at in a lower levels with little money ,and then ,we can sold it in a higher level ,we can get the while we play it .

Every people have their own ideas ,in my opinion ,I think when we play games we should pay more attention to our health, firstly, we can't sit front of our computer for a long time ,we must care of our eyes, and avoid the shortsightedness and then we should play the health games not the fake games ,such as some harmful psychological games .the last one is when we play the games we must to thinking of the advantage of this kind of games .in a word ,what ever we do we have to thinking of our health and the profit.