Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I will own Falador

I will own Falador, after that i will team up with Saradomin and conquer Varrock.. after that the wilderness will surrender without any battle.. and then I will conquer the rest of the map.. and after I have the whole world, I will kill Saradomin so I can the true "good" god!
Which year or how old were you when you first come into contact with RuneScape? I still remember I was still in my middle school and many of my classmates were playing the game which was very popular and had more than 100 thousand players very day after school. At that time, my family didn’t support me to play games for having bad effects on my study and life. You know, there is nothing more important than family that are the ones who show up when we are in trouble and the ones who push us to succeed. But I still love the game and I just spend only two hours a day on selling runescape accounts. Time flies. Now there are more than 200 million gamers join the game and the Old School Runescape which will attract many old rs players has come back. I still remember the time I search the keywords about the Runescape, I got many good articles which about the guide of the game and wonderful photos which made deep impression in my heart.
When I first registered a new account on the official website, I wanted to improve my skill and combat level in short time so that I could completed more quests and try difficult challenges. At first, I knew nothing about it so I made some friends in the game who buy runescape account could tell me some game guides and tips to hit high level. Besides, there are many free game guides on the official website and many videos on the Yotube. Now I own a rs account with 169 combat level but I want to experience the high quest so I may choose to buy runescape account from the internet. 
I’m very glad for the Old School runescape and I hope many of my rs friends can come back to the game. We have so many good memories in the game and we still can share our sorrow and happiness in the game. So, come on and join the game. I believe we can have a good and happy travel. 
Are you temped? Don’t worry you lost your rs accounts for you can buy cheap runescape accounts on the Internet very easily as long as you find a reliable website. Well, if you want to leave the game forever and want to get some real money, you can reach that gold by selling runescape accounts. So everyone, I hope you all can have a wonderful game journey with me. 

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