Tuesday, 23 April 2013

tream Q&A

yeah i have a question why couldnt i log in on doublexp weekend i feel kinda ripped off i got on for five minutes and it logged me off so why wouldnt it let me stay logged in ???why membars also have the new item buy of non membar never have the new item oh and give non membars a new minigames a new quest and a new map for non membars please. guess what ik every single spot to that map i walk runescape map like 19 times and i have played for 7 to 8 years the worst part of the map is selling runescape accounts canifis i dont like being attack by vampryes they attack my i would just use my magic to kill them im magic lvl. 
 Prepare ye oh Gielinor! For the link has been restored, his faithful have begun to stir, plans are in motion, all who oppose will be washed away! Those who follow the pretender shall be not only abolished, but expunged from the records of time to get cheap runescape accounts ....the one true God of Gielinor shall walk among us once more, Lord Zaros I long to feel your presence, grace us with your ancient powers once again, and bring a light of vengeance the likes of which have never been witnessed, prepare for redemption!

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