Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mod Viking preparing

sweet man just sweet the wilderness and free trade are coming. im gettin a free 3.2m when it does come back from other acc's i bought. only costed me 5$. anyways my name is kimihagu on selling runescape accounts the game and congrats to all who saved money on there other acc's!

this it's bullshit u don't have to make it that big it's goin to be the same as back then ! ur people are 2 playful ! they should have never taken out the old wildy in the first place !

 i know listen to my idea if we do runescape better and cooler then we have more players playing it

and if someone isnt member but let him do spec attack! and my name on runescape is meterm1 and rhe and swe scapexp and alistr31 and ipwning5!

Here's Mod Viking preparing for the return of the cheap runescape accounts Wilderness with his patented battle cry: "ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!"

Join with us in updating your Facebook status with your Wildy battle cry and show the rest of the RuneScape community that ...

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