Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1 million likes

okay, okay.. for the people who are saying jagex will fail! well look at this, if they got one million likes one FB, then thats one million true players (not bots). One third of those million true players are most likely F2P. so that leaves 750k true players that are not bots paying almost 7 U.S dollars every month, thats 5.25M everymonth that Jagex is genarating off one game and selling runescape accounts. and thats not countign the BOTS who are paying for P2P. so this is for the peopel who quit. Jagex will not fail! lol dumbasses. And for the people who quit because they dont like EOC, then dont play a game you dont like.dont bring everyone else down who enjoys EOC. on that note if you dont like EOC and buy runescape account then you dont like it so dont play it. its not gonna change.

There are 1 million likes because people like me forgot to unlike this page... we never bothered... but Runescape is so bad now. After quitting since the big combat update, I decided to check the homepage and see if they took it out yet... and then I saw the update about the mask and how they reached 1 million likes on Facebook, so that reminded me to unlike it

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