Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lordaeron plotlines

The thing is, Lordaeron plotlines should be for both Alliance *and* Horde, given that not only do both sides have a pragmatic stake in the matter (What with fighting a war against each other), but the League of Arathor and Forsaken are both still active in the area.

It's like I've been saying since Cataclysm: Blizzard dropped the ball with Gilneas. Rather than having the worgen bugger off to Kalimdor to be Emergency Backup Night Elf Race #2 (Thus overcrowding zones like Darkshore to the point where neither the worgen nor cheap wow accounts or the Draenei were able to have sufficient facetime as groups instead of the occasional straggler), they should have had the sell wow accounts Silverpine-Hillsbrad-Arathi/Hinterlands plotline be about the assorted Alliance-affiliated Lordaeron-based groups scrambling to beat the Horde.

Hell, have the end of the whole experience be a last stand at the Thandol Span to hold the line until reinforcements from Ironforge and Gnomeregan can arrive (Or alternatively sappers to blow the bridge up to prevent the Forsaken from marching on the Wetlands and thus threatening Ironforge), and you've got yourself a perfect setup for an engaging story about buying wow gold the Alliance losing that (a) doesn't involve goblins with cheese on their heads, (b) doesn't need to involve Stormwind at all, and (c) showcases the new player race and other underused, undervalued and under-represented Alliance races.

I mean, imagine the Gilneans trying to drum up support from groups like the Stormpike Guard and League of Arathor, who shouldn't be too happy with them due to hiding behind their wall when things started to go south.

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