Saturday, 15 June 2013

I don't pvp myself

Although I don't pvp myself, and I'm perfectly content not doing so, I don't understand why that wasn't factored into this Legendary quest line. If this was supposed to be the "legendary for all", and if part of it requires going into bgs, as well as the parts the require lfrs/raids, why isn't there a reward that benefits pvp players. I understand the stats on the metas may be helpful to someone who does arenas (though I'm not certain), I'd think something with pvp power on it might be more useful.. and a shout out to buy wow accounts the pvp players that may have stuck through the quest line through all the pve.  As an addition, if they had considered items eith pvp power/resil on them for the sha gem as well, and the back, and whatever else comes, they sigils/runestones could have dropped in random battlegrounds as well as raids. That way the pvp players could do what they enjoy doing and progress without being forced to do lfr or raid. The bg part would still be annoying to some pve people, but it'd be one thing that makes us go out of the norm to get safe wow gold to complete the thing. If they'd done one thing (maybe keep sigils in lfrs and have runestones drop frmo bgs? something) to make the pvp people go out of their norm to keep it fair.

To me, personally, it wasn't a big deal. I grabbed a guildie that enjoys bgs and went with him so he could tell me how not to die. It worked out well. :)  But if they want to have players experience both sides of gameplay to get a nice shiny reward, balance how far each type of player has to venture into the other side of play. For me, 2 bgs wasn't a huge deal. To someone who pvps as much as I pve (and by that I mean raid/lfr/dungeon), having to run lfrs for weeks for 2 different parts of the ch.

Wait, what?  All this means is people will be running ToT a lot more, in place of the others.  Yeah, um, not exactly a "catch up" there at all.

It's still just RNG hell.  My freaking MAIN is behind on it because I can barely drag myself into LFR and then I hardly ever get a drop.  6/20 and not looking forward to the other one with 12.  Oh, sure, Lei Shen is a guaranteed drop.  That's only 26 weeks of running ToT if I went with that, half a year. By then the next expansion will be out...

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