Monday, 24 December 2012

How to Get Free Runescape Gold

Merry Christmas! Today is a big holiday, hope every one can have a good day.

Do you still play runescape? If your answer is yes, maybe you are very interested in how to get free runescape gold.

As I know, you can take this big festival to get free runescape gold and free runescape items. During the Christmas, many websites held the sales promotion. For example, you can get free gold if you buy runescape accounts on farmer100. 
                                             free runescape gold

The second good way to get free runescape gold is to register on a virtual goods sell website. Maybe you can get 5M runescape gold for free.

The third way is to like the facebook of a runescape accounts or gold seller. Sometimes, they will give you free 1M to 10M gold.
                     free runescape gold

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