Thursday, 27 December 2012

Recruit a Friend to Runescape

Buy an awesome runescape account and to recruit a friend in this game. In the winter of 2012, the Jagex have relaunched the Recruit a Friend programme for the general game players. No matter you are a free player or having membership, you can take part in it. If you can recruit a friend, the Jagex will give you a month of membership. It is really a big amazing bonus.

Today, I looked some posts on the forum. Those posts were about the ages of Runescape players. So, if you are a fan of RS, how old are you? I’m also very interested in this question. The posts referred that most of the RS players were between 13 years old and 20 years old. Personally speaking, I started to play the game when I was 16 years old. Now, 6 years passed by and I’m working for a company which can provide the cheapest and safest runescape account. In 2012, the Runescape has made more than 30 updates, such as Player-Owned Ports, the Brink of Extinction-Grandmaster Quest, the Evolution of Combat: Now Live and so on. The Jagex has made a survey about these updates on its official website. If you want to know more detail information about that, you can visit the official website.

As the approaching of Christmas, many virtual goods websites are reducing the price and you can get some perfect goods with low price. My company, farmer100, cuts nearly 50% of the total price of Runescape accounts and there are a lot of accounts in stock. Want to get a good account to recruit a friend and then get the free membership? Come to farmer100 to buy one or bid one. After you get the good account, you just need to log in your rs, fill in the form and your friends will receive an email with details on how to be recruited by you.
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Another good news is that the Jagex had bring tow new pets in RS this week. One of them is a dog and the other is a cat. Join in the game and choose one that is met desire. On farmer100 website, there are runescape accounts for sale and you can get cheap runescape accounts to have a wonderful winter and Christmas in 2012. This December has 5 weekends and the Jagex released the winter weekend for you. Each weekend you will get surprise and you will not feel lonely because so many players are around you.


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