Monday, 24 December 2012

Runescape Accounts for Sale 2012

Runescape accounts for sale 2012. Tomorrow is Christmas. Merry Christmas! So how would you celebrate it and spend this winter? I’d like to share this good day with my family, friends and my game players.

Oh, thanks to the Jagex, the runescape provide me a good winter. There is new updates now. Solomon’s General Store: Special Pets. What a good news for runescape players! These astounding and faithful companions love to interact, both with other pets and - indeed - with you. Over time your new best friend will grow from baby to adolescent, and adolescent to adult, changing appearance and learning helpful tricks – such as picking up loot – every step of the way. There's no need to feed these fine creatures with ordinary food, as they will never run away. However, they will grow faster if you feed them with specialised treats, also available from Solomon’s General Store. See the following wonderful pictures!

Like it? Take your account and join this wonderful game. There are many runescape accounts for sale 2012. Come on! See the following awesome account. Very cheap! You can get more information from here.


runescape accounts for sale 2012


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