Monday, 1 July 2013

new loadstones in convenient areas is nice

Well... new loadstones in convenient areas is nice, but you have to take the fact it does make past teleportation items semi-useful or not worth training for. It would be nice if the loadstones were given magic level requirements so players do have something to work for, but this is just my opinion.

Also, it would be helpful if there was at least a "safe barrier" around the Wildy loadstone or "immunity for 10 seconds" once you enter sell rs accounts the wildy via loadstone. This way players have a sense of preparing in case a pker is waiting for them, or enough time to teleport out of there.

They seriously need to have a vote on the home page for every piece of content that comes into this game, you said it was OUR GAME!!!!!

WE WANT LESS LODESTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Reasoning:
1. Teleportation items become useless
2. It makes the game feel 1000X smaller than it is already, especially with HTML5 coming out, we will be able to see forever.
3. It makes the game feel super short, being able to get everywhere instantly, play 07, you can't run from Lumbridge to Varrock without losing all of buying runescape account your energy, last time I ran out of energy in the live game, I was doing Monkey Madness!

Before you say go play 07 then, No. I prefer the game with all my crap on it.

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