Friday, 12 July 2013

I support Saradomin as RS god

Oh about support, maybe you guys should get your customer support fixed. He's getting old very fast! In the last few grandmaster quests he still had a normal blue skin like all of us have, now he turned grey!  I'd go with Saradomin before Zamorak, but I think that there's only two gods in RuneScape that truly want the best for Gielinor: Seren and Armadyl. When I roleplay, I use my real-life God (Jesus Christ, albeit I take an older, less-used name of His: Elohim. Sounds more like a name from a fantasy game like this) as my character's God, but story-wise, I'd definitely ally with Seren or Armadyl before any others sell runescape accounts.

"It is only through the protection of Saradomin that we can achieve peace and harmony. With him as our lord and defender, we need not fear again." everyone forgets without balance neither zamorak nor saradomin would exist hence why their is one god left who resembles balance, the Goddess Seren or does no one pay attention to lore. The Goddess of Seren, one of guthix prized favorites of all the gods.

 World for the mortals! The world will only be at peace if there is absolute balance! In remembrance of Guthix, we plead for the gods to leave!  Can anyone pm me or let me know how much it is to buy runescape accounts play RuneScape? Am i still able to get my $5/month rate? Bing translated someone message saying ''ZAROS'' to ''THE BRANCHES!''

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