Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I'm okay with the runescape bonus xp

I think he and his team haven't gotten nearly as much credit as they should have for the positive things they've done in the last few years. I think they are finally getting the squeal promos right - we've seen at least two now (that I know of) that strike a good balance, with players being able to acquire the items through gameplay without going through the squeal, but also having the option to get it on the squeal if they want. The quests released in the last few years have been amazing - and the new Battle of Lumbridge quest sell runescape accounts looks like it's going to leave all of those quests in the dust. Player owned ports, the farming update, the triskellion chest update - not to mention all of the monster updates (as well as new monsters and areas/dungeons!). Plus the coming RS3!!!! The graphics alone look amazing, and I'm thrilled the midi music is going to be replaced - I might turn music back on.

Personally I'm okay with the bonus xp. I don't view it as the lvls being nearly as huge as people are claiming. (Again there's another example of the negativity.) There's always been free xp in the game AFAIK - lamps rs accounts for sale and straight-out xp from quests (some of the original 6 gave out xp), bonus weekends, etc. I've finished all but two of the currently available quests, so not much opportunity for bonus xp for me there - and there are certain skills (*cough* fishing *cough*) the grinding away of just bores me to tears. (But I want to do it to get to the good parts!)

But again - you have to remember it's about revenue. Why was the squeal and solomon's introduced into the game? Revenue runescape accounts for sell. Why are ads on the f2p game? Revenue.

I might make the alt account a magic pure instead of a skill pure. (was gonna try to get all non-combat skills to 99 without working on combat skills, but...I find walking/running everywhere downright tedious.)

I also LOVE Eoc. Was hesitant at first, but once I got the hang of it - love, love, love. Especially omnipower.  BOOM! LOL

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