Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hero Beryl

A lot of runescape players may want to get more information about Hero Beryl. This article will give you some information about that. This article is mainly about the quests I have done in runescape and I change the experience into story. Perhaps this article does not comply with the part of the game, I still hope you can like it.

First Self-introduction about Beryl.
Level: 120 (false, do not be too seriously)
Born in the RuneScape split period, belonging to the Free Member World. She separated from her parents when she was a child. She lived in a burrow with Sir Vant and grew up in the Lumbridge. After a variety of experience, she has become the present Varrock’s Queen (Again without too seriously).

Before 2001, RuneScape was in the split period and many Demon attacked humans. At the same time, there have been a variety of Goblin, Thief, Mugger, Robber and Pirate who got profits from the split period. As a result, it caused more casualties and poverty. On one occasion, Demon attacked a woman; the woman gave her baby to a kind White Knight and asked him to take good care of the baby before her escape the fight. The White Knight is Sir Vant and the baby is Beryl. He took Beryl to the Lumbrige which was a quiet town with good weather and friendly residents. There was rarely thief and the humans in the east of the Goblin got along very well. Because Sir Vant is Warrior so he became the Lumbridge Guard later and Beryl made a lot of friends here. They lived near the hut and Beryl did some cooking, crafting and woodcutting everyday. One day, a powerful Red Dragon emerged in the vicinity of the hole and scared a lot of people to leave the Lumbridge. At this time, the king had unified the world. Falador and Lumbridge were the friendship cities and the Sire Amik Varze got upset for Lumbridge after he knew the matter. So, the real White Knight equipment and Anti Dragon Shield were handed over to Sir Vant. Beryl joined the dark wizard and killed sir vant,sliske turned sir vant into a barrows brother.One day,Beryl and dark wizards went to barrows to troll,and found QBD. Suddenly Sir Vant joined the dark wizards and allied with Nomad,KBD,KQ,the dragon,Corporeal Beast,Nex and the Tokhaars.Later that day, the newly formed alliance marched into Lumbridge and mass Beryl and the Duke.THE END! Runescape accounts for sale and you can get many runescape games and guides.

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